My evolution as an angler

A few weeks ago I started fishing again. Being away from fishing for a few years, I naturally went on Google and see if I can find some info on new fishing spots in the area. Because a few of my old spots has either become over fished or became a “no fishing” location. Then I came across this site called

I was blown away immediately by the site. Not because of the fishing spots that were posted (because anglers don’t like to share their spots), but the type of information and the great sense of community on this site. And this is where my evolution begins.

As I join and explore the site, I discover that the DuPage River is not only fishable these days, it has been a hot spot for some anglers this year. Needless to say I was interested, and as if it was scripted, I met the person who would change my ways on the water.

On the coldest September day in years, I met up with Dan, aka Pondboy. Dan is a long time angler and knows his stuff when it comes to catching fish. I think it was said that he can probably catch a fish from a Dixie cup.

On his recent posts on DA, his blog, and his YouTube channel, Pondboy had been talking about drifting on the river. He describe it as a method derived from drifting for steelheads and he’s been having great success with it.

To make a long story short, I was willing to learn and he was more than willing to teach. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on making the things I’ve learn from Dan work for my style of fishing. To make things even better, I am having some great success during this process. There is much work for me to do as an angler before winter sets in, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun year on the water next year.





If you haven’t yet, head on over to and you don’t regret it. Also, Pondboy has a angling guide service that’ll get any new anglers a great start and will for sure give those who are looking to get back a nice boost. You can find info for Pondboy’s Dupage Fishing Guide Service here. Give him a call, even if you choose not to use his service, you’ll have a great conversation about fishing in general.