Good day on the water

Yesterday I was skunked at the Blackwell trout opener and I was planning on redeeming myself today. It didn’t start very well because I slept through the alarm. But thanks to a call from Pondboy(with trout), I was able to get to the lake at a decent time. However, the morning stay at Blackwell was short because the hot section of the lake was still very crowded and the bite was very slow.

I decided to put on the wader and hit a spot on th DuPage River that I’ve not yet been to and jumped in. To my surprise, the bottom is ankle deep with mud but still quite manageable; however, it was getting deeper and then it happened. I stepped in a mud hole that’s slightly deeper than my knees! Just as I was looking for a way to back out of the mess, I notice my float was gone and fish was on. So I did any fisherman would have done: land the feisty smallie first and deal with the mud later. HA! In the next 20 minutes, I pull in the one of the larger smallie of the day, got out of the mud, and head for another section of the Duper.

I got back in the water at the next location and was greeted immediately by a nice smallie followed by a few more smaller ones. As I wade along, I stopped at a spot where the water is just below my chest and the bottom was pretty flat. So I adjusted my depth, put on a new minnow, drop the rig in 3 feet in front of me, then Bam! the biggest smallie of the day and I don’t even have to reel. A few more smaller fishes later, I decided to head back to Blackwell and see if I can carry the momentum over for some rainbows.

The momentum carried over nicely at Blackwell as I pull in four 12-14″ large mouths, 6 nice crappies with 2 of them around 10″ and these guys were hitting the minnows HARD! But as the night falls, I still have no trout. None. Nada. Zero.

Well, I guess I can’t complaint on a 20+ fish outing. In the end it was a beautiful ,relaxing, and fun day on the water. Maybe in the spring, I will hit the rainbows again, hopefully on a kayak.