Holy Crappie Bites Batman, You Just Kicked Some Bass!!

Yes, if Robin was my side kick, that’s what he would have said after the day I had.

Yesterday was kids day, so I took the kids to their favorite place (Blackwell) for their last action of the year. My niece Jazmin and my son Brendon both managed to hook up while I bait their rigs, untangle their lines, and chat with a couple of nice guys fishing for trout.


Today is my day, I need my crappie fix before the weather takes over and I was determined to find it today by hitting a couple of spots I know.

When I got up this morning and saw the overcast day I knew exactly where I had to go to find some hungry, hard-hitting autumn crappies. I grab my new ultra light toy, the Pen Fishing Rod Goliath, and my crappie gears and headed out to my spot.

When I finally got there, the wind has picked up a bit and the water is pretty choppy. This means I can let the wave do the dirty work for me! So I rigged up a 1/32 white hair jig with a Mini Shy Bite about 3ft up and started looking for party.  After a few casts from left to right, I hooked on to a nice 8″ crapper.  The next cast to the same area resulted in a smaller one, then another, and another. All of them around 6″. I adjusted my rig a little deeper, and re-cast, and hooked a couple more little guys. Not wanting to go any deeper, I cast a little farther out and bam! A 10″ slab that hits like a hungry LMB. 

I continued to cast out there, and they keep hitting. It’s like they are lining up to fill up at the beer tap in a college house party!  After 40 minutes and about 15 or 16 crappers from this spot, the action stopped. So I decided to switch gears and replace the hair jig with a Crabby Bass Squirt on a 1/32 bare jig. I then moved to the right of where the action was and managed a couple of smaller crappies. I then moved a bit further to the right, and something hook on and took the Shy Bite down like a BIG crappie. I gave it a couple of seconds and set the hook. It was big and heavy. When it finally broke water, I saw it and carefully pulled in the 17″ LMB on the 2lb mono. After a couple of pictures, I send it home and cast to the same area hoping for more crappies. Instead I landed another LMB, this time around 15″.

After that, I managed a few more feisty crappies then decided to clean up and go get some breakfast around 9:30AM. Why? Because it was cold, and windy, and I got my crappie fix and then some. 😀

But the day is not over yet.

After breakfast and lunch, I decided to hit a pond just few blocks down the street from home. I had spoken to Pondboy earlier about this spot and he told me to start from around the inlet. So I biked over with only the Pen Fishing Rod still rigged with the Squirt.

It’s not a big pond so I set the Mini Shy Bite about 16″ up and again let the wind and wave do the work for me. I got close to the inlet and started casting, I’ve caught crappies in there before and I was hoping to catch a few. Things were pretty quiet the few minutes until something pretty big hooked on. I knew it wasn’t a crappie because they don’t get that big in this pond. At first I was thinking carp because the float went straight down in a hurry. When it broke water I was surprised to see a big LMB because I’ve not caught LMB large than 8″ in this pond. After a bit of fight, I was able to land the 15″ fat LMB. This dude was thick and heavy, even heavier than the 17″ I caught in the morning.

I quickly got a few pictures and send it back home so I can hopefully meet up with it again next year. I work the pond for 2 more small LMB and 2 baby crappies and headed home for the day.


Today was awesome. Not only I got to catch a bunch of crappies, I also got a few nice LMB. I’d be happy to end the season to a day like this! One more thing, I know a lot of guys gets bass thumb. How about a crappie thumb?

Next week, back in the river before it gets really cold.

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  1. Hey Chunsum—nice fish! Looks like everyone had a great time, and I will confirm that crappies are DELICIOUS!

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