Crappie Home Coming

Say hello to the final autumn crappie.

Today would be my last day hunting fall crappies. I headed to Whalon and landed a few nice crappies and decided to adopt 7 of them for my 93 year old Grandma and my parents. My Mom’s been looking at all these pictures and she said it would be nice to have a couple. So 7 of the 13 crappies I caught today will be going to grandma’s house today.

Every fish caught today was sponsored by the Crabby Bass Lures’ very own Little Squirt. These little guys are easy to fish with and I can see the potential when it’s put under the ice. My basic rig is as CSimon of CBL described, 1/32oz jig under the Mini Shy Bite. I’ve rig it the normal way and upside down to mimic a dead minnow, both works nicely.

I’ve also rigged it on a #6 octopus/circle hook through the front and out on the back with a small split shot about 24″ up and another one 6-8 inches higher. Fish it slow like a finess setup for bass.

Finally, I had the honor of running into Fluke from Dupage Angler at Whalon. He was hunting for bass and I watched him pull in a fat 15 incher right before I had to pack up and leave. I have a feeling he’s going to have a few nice ones to talk about.

There goes the last crappie and here comes my first fishing video:

So bye bye crappie, hello neoprene wader! 😀


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