Party Rocking On The Fox

Knowing this is going to be a warm weekend, I had planned to jump in the Dupe for some wading action. Then Pondboy said: “Why not hit the Fox? You’ll probably do better by one of the dams AND might even get into some walleyes”. I was saving the Fox for spring, but since this will most likely be the last chance to get in the water, I did some Googling then decided to jump in.

Saturday 6:00 AM:

It’s still dark out as I got out of my car. I quickly gather my gears, head down to the shore, just to find the spot I wanted was already occupied. So I put on the wader and got in the water. I was planning on catching whatever was biting so my weapon of choice was the PB drift rig and crawlers. I moved in to thigh deep water so I can be closer to my target area. My first cast was into a eddy right off the seam and I hooked into a small walleye and I was super excited! I hit the same eddy again and hook another small walleye but could not get the hook set right. Hit it again, blue gill. Then gills and more gills. So I decided to drift the seam and I got more gills and a couple of large mouths. I then discovered underwater eddy where I pulled out another small walleye before the area got crowded and I was finding these idiots casting into waters 10 feet from me.

Anyway, I moved and tried a few other spots and got more gills before I saw the lightning bolt. Needless to say I got out quick. I also managed to capture half of all this on video:



Sunday 5:45 AM:

It’s still dark out as I arrived to the same location as Saturday. I quickly gather my gears, head down to the shore, just to find the spot I wanted was already occupied again. This time I had put on my wader at home, so I hop in the water again and hit the same areas from yesterday while keeping my eye on the spot I wanted because I have to get back by 10:30AM. Just like Saturday, I was hitting gills and largemouths, but no walleyes. Unlike Saturday, the wind starts to pick up and It was getting cold in the water. Finally, I couldn’t stand the cold and decided to head back to the car. But this is when I notice the occupant of my desired spot is packing up as well.

I jumped at the chance and got into the spot, but not before I chatted a little with the gentleman who was there. He’s been there since 4:30AM and managed a few small walleye in spinners and minnows before dawn. It’s now 9:15AM and time is running out so I quickly rigged up and made my cast. On Saturday, I wanted this spot because it’s right by the seam. But something Pondboy said to me on Saturday changed my strategy, this time I wanted the spot because of “SLOW FOAM”.

Well, I found “slow foam” and the next 40 minutes drifting this stuff resulted in 8 fishes, lost 2 rigs (good thing for leaders), and some guy decided to cross my line probably because I was getting some action. Anyway, when 10:00AM rolled around, I was a happy camper and head home. What did I catch? I think this video can tell it better than I can:


BTW, I got better at editing videos as well. 😀