A Perfect Day

At 6:37AM on November 17, 2012, the air temperature was 31 degrees Fahrenheit. I was standing in 3 feet of cold water and my rod tip has formed an ice ball which prevented me from retrieving my line.

As I pick the ice off my rod, I started having second thoughts about being out here because there’s a nice breakfast cafe about 10 minutes away and I was craving a nice and fluffy omelette. But something stubborn(or stupid :D) in me decided to stick around. However, I did get out of the water because my toes were freezing.

I got back on shore and moved around to warm up a bit and to pick a good spot where I can still cast into the spots I want without throwing out my shoulder.

7:20AM:  the sun is out, the air is a bit warmer,  so I rigged up and started fishing again. the next 2 hours went like this:

I’ve been wondering why these little walleyes are all so similar in size. Later on Pondboy send me a email that confirmed my suspicions that they had stocked the area with these little guys.  Anyway, 20 little walleyes later,  I packed up and hurried back around 9:30AM because I’ve got a hot breakfast date with my wife at Honey Jam Cafe.

Tuscan Omelette, Very Berry Waffles, and hot coffee here I come!!

After breakfast, I head over to BPS to pick up some new fly line and to try on some neoprene waders. I decided if I am going to get in the water one more time or even in early spring, I am going to be prepared so I don’t freeze my ass off.


I took off around 1:00PM and headed to my next destination. This time I am meeting up with Dupage Angler PWoody to help his quest in hooking up his first “non-accidental” fall crappie. I got there around 1:30PM and started to locate the crappie hole.

20 minutes later, I watch my float dropped very very slowly and I knew I got one and the 11 inch finicky papermouth was in my hand shortly. I quickly grab a shot and text PWoody and he responded that he’s parking and will be here in a few minutes.

The MP arrived and I quickly briefed him on the area, depth, what to look for, and got him casting asap. What happened the next 2 hours was totally mind boggling because we got nothing. We had bites and pecks but no takers. PWoody went from a tube, to a squirt, then to a ice jig and nothing was working.

Like A.K. Best said: “The fishing was good; It was the catching that was bad.” It was great to fish with PWoody, and I’m going to see if we can get out one more time and get him that elusive crappie. He’s been working so hard at it that he deserves to hook up with a few slabs.

Finally, I was able to satisfy the photographer in me when I saw the beautiful sunset colors when packing up to head home.


I must say, this was one of the best birthday I had in years.