3 Little Pigs.

I’m not the big bad wolf, maybe that’s why they decided to come out and play with me.

Once upon a time after a wet, cold, and windy Saturday with only a bluegill to show for, I decided to travel the same path on a cold and windy Sunday. I started at the Fox armed with some 4″ Gulp Minnow in black shad color and a 1/8oz orange minnow jig head hoping to find a couple of large toothy critters. I arrived to find Redhook62 from Dupage Angler already on site and catching a few small eyes and gills.



After a short chat, I rig up the gulp and send it in to the water under a float to see how this presentation works. Well it didn’t work too well so after 40 minutes of floating and twitching this rig, I removed and float and decide to bounce the jig on the bottom. The next 40 minutes I got a couple of bites but wasn’t able to hook on to anything. So I decide to move down to the bridge and try my changes there. For the next hour, I bounced the jig along the closest bridge piling(I chickened out on getting in the cold water) and got exactly 2 bites but still no fish. Feeling a little discouraged, I decided to see if I can get a few crappie bites at “Plan C” before I head home.

When I got there, I stood with the howling wind in my face. At this point, I was ready to go home. But, I feel the need to at least try a couple of casts before calling it quits. So I decided to keep the jig and Gulp and fish the rig very slowly around and on the rock piles. After a couple of near snags, my line seemed stuck again I though I have to cut the line and go home this time. Then the drag started to peel and my rod started to bend. YES! FISH IS ON!  I ended up landing a 18″ almost 4lb largemouth hawg. The next hour or so I manage to land 2 other hawgs around the same area using the same slow method before the wife calls for me to bring home some Popeye’s for lunch.


I have never caught fish on open water this far in the year. After last week and today, I have totally changed my thinking and will try to fish year round like Darkstar did. Like Pondboy posted in his blog, we might have to fish on open water deeper in to the season in the years to come. So the moral of this story is don’t be afraid to get out there and try different presentations, techniques, and locations.

Oh, and don’t forget to put on your Beard Head. I forgot to grab it on Sunday and my face and heck was numb after the first 30 minutes in that wind.

Until we get some ice, see you on the waters.