Angler’s Log 2013:03:11 – Saving The Best For Last

With the vernal equinox just around the corner and warmer temperature in the forecast, I knew we were near the end of our ice season. However, seeing that we still have safe ice out there, a few Dupage Anglers and my self were determined to squeeze every bit out of Old Man Winter and he certainly saved the best for last.


This was certainly the best day on the ice for me this year. Pondboy had managed to gather 8 Dupage Anglers together at Harrier Lake on this day and IMO this is a unsanctioned DA outing. The day started with a quick crappie and walleye on a Slender Spoon + Minnow head. Followed by a few perch, more walleyes, and a channel cat on the dead stick. The others were pulling gills, crappies, and some very nice walleyes from their holes as well. Things slowed downed a little after 10:30AM and I got a call from work so I spend about 1 hour in the car trying to take care of some business. When I got back on the ice, I noticed that everyone was onto something. More crappie, a bullhead, some bass, perch, and of course more walleyes and blue gills. I put a minnow on my dead stick and switch my Slender Spoon for a gold Diamond Jig. As I was jigging, I notice a couple of light taps then the float sloooowly went under. I am thinking to my self it’s another small walleye or crappie, so I let the float go a little more then tighten the line for a hook set. WHIZZZZZZ! Oh sh*t! There goes the drag! Fish on! I quickly recover, adjust the drag, and took my time on the retrieve. A couple of minutes later, its mouth fill the hole and I have a 3lb large mouth in my hands. NICE!!


The day continued with more perch and walleyes and finally ended on a high note as I double up on a pair of walleyes just before I pack up and head home while Pondboy stayed behind for some more action.



After showing Brendon the pictures from Saturday, he begged me to take him out on Sunday(I was planning on sleeping in). But my wife gave him the green light so I gave in. Sunday was another beautiful day, slightly warmer and quite calm. Perfect for the kid to get on the ice for the last time this season. We started out  slamming into some nice fat perch and managed to double up on these guys a couple of times.


Following the perch bite comes the walleyes,  then the perches will return, then the walleyes again like they are just chasing around the lake. After about 60 minutes of this, the bite slowed down, and we decide to move to the area where I caught the bass on Saturday because Brendon wanted one too. Then it happened. His bobber went and took some drag with it. Brendon took his time and slowly reeled his fish in. It wasn’t a bass but a fat 14 inch walleye, the biggest he’s ever caught! He was super excited and decided to end his season on this great feeling.



Since Darkstar was home with the flu the weekend before, I figure it would be nice to join him on what should be our last ice outing. Sure enough, the air was warmer and the shore ice is getting soft. We got back on Harrier and was looking for our usual suspects, but this time they are sneakier. Instead of walleyes and perch, gills, crappies, and bass were the active ones with a couple of small walleyes in between. See how Darkstar tells it like it was in his latest blog entry.

03.08.2013 DA podcast:

I had the pleasure of joining Marty Rogers and Dan Byrnes on the DuPage Angler Podcast talking about some of our ice adventures and crazy stuff that went on. Check out the podcast here or subscribe it in iTunes right now!

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OK, let’s get down to business.

Fish Count

  • Bluegill: 4
  • Walleye: 21
  • Perch: 14
  • Large Mouth Bass: 2
  • Crappie: 1
  • Channel Cat: 1

Until next time.