March MTB

IMG_2918Well, it’s March. Here in northern Illinois, there is still ice on many of the waters, the weather is not so nice, and I haven’t the chance to try the stuff from the February Mystery Tackle Box.

But, who has time for that?!?!?!

The March Mystery Tackle Box is here!! So let’s get right to it!



This is the 4″ KVD Dream Shot from Strike King. Looks to me this is designed to be used for drop shot rig. But since I don’t drop shot much, I’ll probably bump bottom with a smaller jig, in a finesse rig for early spring bass, and maybe split that tail in 2 and use it as a trailer. I do like the coffee scent of these things but not seeing my self liking this a lot.


This one is called the Cane Thumper from Big Bite Baits. It’s probably a swim bait of some sort because it has a paddle tail. It is about 6 inches long and looks more like a smelt with pretty good action with that segmented body. Again, I don’t see my self swimming it too much, but will try it Texas rigged or on a football jig. Maybe, Just maybe I’ll troll it if we go out for Coho in a couple of weeks.


Here we have the Sashimi Shad – Suspending by Yo-Zuri. I don’t throw crank baits much but this one is pretty interesting. The ridges on the body has different shades of color on it. So if you move the lure, it actually changes the shade of its color much like a moving bait fish. If those smallmouths are still in Whalon, this little guy should get them to come out and play.


Finally, there is the Muddbugg C-Floater from Backwater Tackles. Like the 7″ Worm from the February MTB, this cool little craw bait had some wicked scent!! Splash some Tobasco on it and it should smell almost good enough to eat. I think those giant pinchers are supposed to float and mimic a defensive crawdad. Regardless, this little bugger will definitely be fished Carolina, Jika, and on a football. I might even bounce it off river bottom Texas rigged for some river smallies.

Well, here they are, the March MTB offering. Hopefully I will be able to get out the next 2 weeks to try out some of these and follow up with some detailed impressions.

until next time.