Angler’s Log 2013:05:02 – April Summary

April has been a crazy month with fluctuating temperatures, high winds, record rains, and the flooding we’ve seen in the area in years.¬†However, that didn’t not stop us from going out and catching some fish especially with the spring trout season underway. With the weather so erratic, we did not know what to expect from our fishy friends so we took what mother nature dealt us and went with it.

When the wind blew hard we used weighted floats or find locations where there are trees to shields us from the wind. When the weather got colder we switch up our presentation to something light and slow. When it’s just ugly out with the wind and weather changing every 24 hours, we threw the kitchen sink at them. But I am glad we did what we did because we always have a good time doing it.

It’s now May, and the weather looks to be steady and is warming up nicely. I can feel the excitement building up for a awesome time on the water. Now the fish counts.


Fish Count for April:

  • Bluegill: 5
  • Large Mouth Bass: 15
  • Crappie: 28
  • Yellow Bass: 2
  • Rainbow Trout: 2

Until next time….