On the Board for Kayak War!

As you know the weather has been awful. We had quite a bit of flooding on all of the waters especially the rivers where most locations are still running high and wild.

This past weekend was the nicest one this month, calm, warmer and only a few drizzles of rain. I have been trying to get on board with my first qualifying fish for Kayak War and I need to get on the water. So without hesitating, I called Dan(Pondboy) to see if he wants to put his kayak in Sunday morning at day break. I dunno why I bother asking, because he’ll fish anywhere, anytime, and anyway if he can so we are on for Sunday at day break with Ted(SoonerBass) joining us at 9:00am sharp.

Sunday came, Dan and I were in the water by 6:00 am. The nice thing is we don’t have our winter coats on! It’s actually warm and I only had a pair of shorts on under my waders. The light winds is just perfect for us to drift and cover the water at a nice pace. All we need to do now is to get on some fish.


All of a sudden, I heard “Fish on!” and Dan had landed a nice crappie in the 10 inch range and then a small large mouth to follow. He had noticed that the crappie is darker than usual meaning that they are getting ready to spawn. A few minutes later I picked up a small LMB and a 9 inch crappie as well. Then the wind shifted slightly and the bite slows down. A few minutes later we started seeing fish popping to the surface closer to shore. We quickly reposition our kayaks and was back on the fish, then I heard “fish on”, a splash, then a AWFUL sounding scream like “OOOOAARRRRRRRRGHHHHNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!”. Dan had lost a big one.

Leaving him in pain, I decided to take a shot and move up even closer to shore when I saw more fish popping up right up by the shoreline. I was going by the fact that a couple of crappies Dan caught are showing signs that they are ready to spawn and that there might just be some fish preparing their beds and I was right.

I caught a couple of 11″ crappies and 13″ LMB then came that first qualifying fish: A 19.5″ LMB in about 3 ft of water. I did not think it would be that big because it did not put up that much of a fight until he’s by the kayak, that’s when I almost lost the fish and my rod. After a short fight, I landed the big boy, put him on the bump, took the picture and send him back to get lucky.


Couple of smaller fish later, I was watching Ted pull up (I checked my watch, it’s 9:00 am sharp) and I got a hit in about 3 ft of water again. This time the fight was on immediately and I was thinking another LMB until I saw a flash of silver, it’s a BIG crappie! My ultralight was bending like a noodle rod as I try to get land this fish and it was putting up a hell of a fight. Twice it went under the kayak and it tried to move around to the other side a few times but I got it on the bump and I was measuring a 13″ white crappie for my second qualifying fish of the day.



Time fies when you’re having fun. I managed a couple more fish before I have to head home. Dan and Ted manage to land some qualifying fish for KW to put team DupageAngler.Com points total over 100. I know that’s nothing compared to some other teams but we’re having a good time doing it. I ened up with 15 fish for the day and I am looking forward to more days like this.


unti next time.