The Cold Front Ultralight Adventure

“Yes! Got one! Fish on!”

*Silver flash*  Splash, splash…..

“Nice! what is it?’

Splash, splash, SPLOSH….


“It’s gone, it was a big crappie. Damn it!!”

The 10 seconds that was described above might just be the most painful and memorable moment for me this year as I watch a possible 15 inch crappie spat my jig and left me empty.

That was about 1.5 hours into what was a uneventful Saturday on the water for me and Dan (aka Pondboy on Earlier we started out in the DuPage river thinking that this cold front would not affect the fish in the rivers as much as the ponds. But we should have known better. With all the curved balls Mother Nature has thrown us this year, we miss this one badly. We could not get one single bite one the river. Not even a chub. None. Nada. Zip.

Discouraged, we decided to hit the lakes/ponds instead. At this point we were not expecting much from the ponds as the air temperature was in the 40s and the wind is starting to pick up as we got out of the river.

Arriving at a lake, we decided to go light and keep things simple so we rigged up our ultralights with a white Producto Spring Grub on a jig head. We started casting and move along the shore quickly by leap frogging our positions. As expected, the first 30 minutes were slow with Dan hooking up with a couple of small bass and a couple of misses from me. Then came that BIG CRAPPIE mess up and I am still mad about losing that fish.

Soon after that, Dan started and hooking up in to a couple of nice bass. One of those bass hit right in fromt of him after he freed his snagged jig head.


Still pissed about that crappie, I continued casting along the shore. My retrieve stopped and I thought I had snagged on the rocks again and snap my rod to try and free it. Well it wasn’t a snag because as soon as I snap my rod, the line took off and was peeling drag. “Nice fish.” I thought to myself and tighten the drag by 1/2 a turn. Then my rod bend to a “C” and more drag was taken! “Shit! a big fish!” My thoughts quickly changed as I tighten down the drag another turn and carefully play the fish. It jumped I saw it, it’s a big one! Dan runs over and help me land the barely hooked 18″ chunky bass.

IMG_3188bb   IMG_3193

We continued to catch fish after that. The action wasn’t fast and furious, but the quality was good. Dan landed a couple of very nice 12″ crappies and a few nice bass. I managed to get a couple more bass with another 16″ 2lber.

IMG_3192DSCN1667 DSCN1665 DSCN1671

In a earlier post where I talked about doing some simplified fishing, this is exactly what I was talking about. One rod, one lure, and just have fun with it. On a day where a strong cold front comes through or anytime the fishing gets tough, light tackle plus a light and simple finess presentation like the 3″ spring grub or some sort of finess plastic like the Crabby Bass Helgie is always a good choice. You can fish it slow, fast, or mix it up to your liking.

I am glad Dan suggested the idea and it certainly can’t get any better except for that lost BIG crappie (still sour).

Of course Dan had the Pivot Head running and here’s a clip from the day.

Until next time.

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