Angler’s Log 2013:05:13

May is here and the weather has warmed up significantly. In fact, I would say very nice compared to what we had to deal with in April. Good weather goes nicely with good fishing and so far in May, the fishing has been good. but not great. At least not yet.

Since that last log entry, I’ve been out on the DuPage River and several area ponds and lake. Mostly to see what thing are like so I can have a better handle on what things can be like in the coming weeks or months. So far, it’s been very localized. That means every lakes, ponds, and river are at different phases. I can go to a medium sized lake with medium depth and the fish would be actively biting or getting ready for spawn. However, at a smaller, shallower lake, the fish are still in the sluggish early spring lake winter mode but another small lake/pond would be hot and heavy with activities.

IMG_3175     IMG_3176     IMG_3166bb

The recent flood and rain is still having an effect on the rivers. Water was still up and dirty with debris everywhere. a couple of the holes we were able to get to seems to be ok. We were able to catch the usual suspects as well as some unexpected ones. But we hope in a couple of weeks the water will clear up some, water level will get down a little more, and the fishing will be better than ever.


So here is the fish counts for this log period:

  • Bluegill and etc.: 6
  • Large Mouth Bass: 11
  • Small Mouth Bass: 5
  • Crappie: 6
  • Creek Chubs: 5
  • Channel Cat: 2