Angler’s Log 2013:05:23

As expected, we have been seeing some nice and warm weather so far in May. In fact, we had a stretch of 85+ degree days that put the crappies, bluegills, and largemouths into spawn frenzy. At a near by forest preserve lake, the action started on Sunday and it was almost over on Saturday. members Brim Reaper and Wacky Bass had reported during the week that the activity level was through the roof. When I finally had the chance to put in my kayak on Saturday, I was observing mostly empty spawning beds for LMBs and Crappies and bunch of fry activities in the shallow weed covers.

IMG_3213 IMG_3206bb IMG_3208bb

Since my ultralight outing with Pondboy, I’ve been hitting nearby ponds on mostly short 30 to 60 minutes visits. In the small ponds the bass have been active as well. I’ve been fine tuning my 2/0 Jika Rig with smaller/finess plastic as well as swim plastics. I’ve had success with the Crabby Bass Outlaw, Crabby Bass Minnows, Crabby Bass Wacker, Backwater Muddbugg, and the interesting Confidence Bait Battle Stance Craws. I’ve also land a few with the BPS Egg, a white Danny Spinner. I’ve also managed to get into a small bunch of rock bass on the DuPage River. You can say I’ve had my share of fun the last week and a half.

IMG_3202bb IMG_3198bb

This past Sunday was the outing at Whalon Lake. There was a great turn out for the event and it was great to put faces to the names on the website. Almost everyone managed to land a fish and I almost landed a fish, hahaha! Yes, I was skunked in the kayak again at Whalon. However, it was a great time and I am looking forward to the next event.

IMG_3204 IMG_3214

Well, as of today, we have a cold front rolling through with 60 degree weather forecasted for the next few days and fishing should be interesting. But right now, let’s get down to business with the fish count.

  • Large Mouth Bass: 21
  • Rock Bass: 5
  • Crappie: 1

Until next time……