Post Spawn Biscuits and Gravy

It’s late May. I’ve been catching fish off weed edges lately and they are not easy to come by with most of them hitting a shallow crank bait running along the edge or through a pocket. However, this is not going to keep up as the weather warms up. So besides bass fishing I’ve been moonlighting as a panfish person with those cool Little Atom Lures I got over the winter and I was hitting them hard with the nuggies and wedgies(you gotta love those names!).

IMG_3233      IMG_3230

One evening while leaving the office parking lot, I got a call from Dan, aka Pondboy. He sounded especially giddy on the phone about going fishing on a local lake and wanted to see if I am interested. Needless to day, with some new plastics and a nice day out, I quickly say yes and met him by the shore. I was going to tie on my jika rig but Dan insisted that I try out this little jig he got called the Biscuit Jig from a local company named Shur-Set.


As you can see, it is a neet little jig with a combo shaky-standup-darter type head and a light wire sickle hook. Immediately, my thought was finesse fishing so I put on a 4″ Carolina Worm from Producto since it floats and should make a nice presentation along the rocky shore.

As soon as we started casting along the shore, we were catching fish. The motion was simple, cast, let sink, and hop. We both got into fish with the first 5 casts. This is when I realize how sharp the hook it.  The bass were hitting light and doing it in hit and run style, I did not have to se the hook at all on the first couple of fish.  A few more casts later, I felt another tug and reel in the slack. By the time the line as tight, the i tell the hook was set and the 2.5lber was on for good.

DSCN1744 DSCN1745b

As we move along the shore line, Dan and I continued to catch them. We started to experiment with other baits such as a Crabby Bass Craw Daddy, Crabby Bass Jerk, Zoom Trick Worm, and Berkeley Power Worm. The Jig performed like a champ no matter what we put on. With a 4/0 hook, it can handle a wide range of soft plastic baits.

DSCN1747b DSCN1746

5 Biscuit Jigs and 12+ fish later, we decide to call it a day because we have family duties and we were out of the jigs. I’ll be ordering some to add to my finesse arsenal for Shur. 😀

Until next time…