The Creek Mythology

There is something magical about wading. When you step into the river, it is like you’re in a different dimension. A different world where time seems to slow down and nothing else seems to matter. It’s soothing, calming, and makes everything ok. That is why I love to wade.

The weather has been rough for the river this year, the record amount of rain has the river running fast and high and that means I can’t get in the river. However, the weather’s been warmer the last 10 days or so and even though the main rivers in the area are still too fast to wade, a few of the creeks seems to be ready to go. Dan (Pondboy’s DuPage Fishing Guide Service) had send me some information of a creek we can explore.¬†So once again, we set out at O dark thirty in search of that mythical soothing power of wading in The Creek.

We arrived just before sun up and started to hike our way up stream along a path beside the creek. We got to a clearing and decide that this would be a great place to get in.


Let me tell you, the feeling was wonderful. The soothing sound of running water, the light breeze, the smell of fresh air, and the view through the clear water just make getting up at 3:30AM worth the effort. After soaking up the nature goodness, we started to cast.

We came up to this small stretch of eddy along the bank and thought we should be able to catch a couple of fish out of it. Were we ever wrong. we ended up fishing this 20ft stretch for almost 40 minute because it just kept producing fish after fish alternating between smallmouth and channel cats. Every time we though we had pick the place apart, another fish will bite. I am pretty sure we caught at least 15 fish in that spot.

DSCN1838bb DSCN1840bb

We moved down stream chatting, casting, and enjoying nature until we came to another pool with some down trees in it. We knew this is going to be another good spot so we got right into fishing it. Dan, being the wild and crazy guy, decided to drop his rig right into a 5 inch wide spot ¬†between the 2 trees thinking that there is a big fish in there while I get snagged up by the branches. Well, there was a big one in there but it broke him off after a while Dan was trying to figure out how to get it out. Dan quickly re-tied and decided to try the spot again except this time he’ll be sensible and drop the rig outside of the logs. He was rewarded nicely with this 17″ pig.


We finish the spot and continue to push on down stream when we came to another bend in the river with some rocks, vegetations, and slack water. Once again we stuck gold and was pulling fish out one after another and the range of species was impressive. We caught some channel cats, bluegill, rock bass, smallmouth, largemouth, and even a sucker from this spot.



We continued down stream and finally got back to our parking spot. because the water was so clear here we were able to sight fish for a little while and finished off with a few more smallies and rock bass for the day.

If you haven’t tried wading, I urge you to think seriously about it. The DNR and the local authorities have done a great job in keeping the rivers in great shape and many sections of the Dupage and Fox that once we would not even think about fishing are now wonderful spots to wade, fish, and take in the natural beauty. Get out and enjoy it.

If you are looking for someone to show you around and get you started, don’t hesitate to contact Dan, aka Pondboy at Dupage Fishing Guide Service. Dan has a lot of knowledge stuffed in his belly. I know for sure he would love to share them to loose a couple of inches there.

Finally, our adventure in motion: