Angler’s log 2013:06:14 – Topwater Adrenaline Rush and the Bass Whacker.

Since that awesome day of catfishing at LaSalle Lake, I’ve been on fire catching LMBs on topwater lures like my awesome black and silver Rebel Pop-R, the Koppers Frog, and the Crabby Bass Whacker.  There is really nothing special about these lure except that I just can’t do wrong with them the past 2 weeks.

IMG_3254  IMG_3296

With the Rebel Pop-R, I fish it with my custom made 6’9″  medium light power, extra fast action finesse special casting rod on a 15lb braid. All I do was cast it out and use a series of short and long jerks along the weed line, through lily pads, or in weed pockets in the morning or late afternoon.


With the Koppers Frog, I used my 7’2″ medium heavy power, extra fast action, Powell Diesel casting rod with 40lb braid. I would cast the frog towards the opposite shoreline and work it slowly through cover with pauses on and off edges and mid the middle of small pockets. Most of the hit came when the frog was hopped from a pocket onto a edge. I also manage to hook a couple of bullies on the frog as well.


Finally the Crabby Bass Whacker. This is a Senko style bait. The guys at Crabby Bass can make them with your color combination, glitter, and scent. I had ordered some black grape with silver glitter with no salt or scent, and it’s been ridiculous wacky or finess rigged. I fish this on my custom finess rod with the 15lb braid and 10lb fluoro carbon leader. not only this had produce the most fish, it has also produce some big ones.


Along with the trip to LaSalle, and the trip up The Creek, I think I have the highest total of fish count for a log entry this year:

  • Largemouth Bass: 73
  • Smallmouth Bass: 8
  • Rock Bass: 6
  • Crappie: 2
  • Perch: 3
  • Blue Gills: 9
  • Blue Catfish: 1
  • Channel Catfish: 29
  • Drum: 1
  • Red Horse Sucker: 1

Until next time……