November Yakin’

It’s November again, but something is different this year. It’s considerably cooler, fishing has been slow, and this year, we have kayaks! This means if fishing from the shore is slow, we can go out on water and go find them. What are we looking for in November? Crappie of course!

So it’s November 3rd and we just got an extra hours of time to our disposal. I can’t think of a better way to use the extra hour except going fishing in 32 degree weather. And who else would be stupid enough to get on the water in this weather? Pondboy (aka Dan Byrne) of course!

Right at day light, we were in the water and was immediately taken by the beautiful scenery. The cool crisp air, the light floating mist, the calm water, and beautiful colors of dawn lines the sky. The only thing to make this morning perfect was some fish on our lines. With a full arsenal of crappie minnows, night crawlers, tubes, jigs, various plastic, and cranks, we were ready to go.

It didn’t take long for Dan for hook a crappie with a small swimming shad on a jig. I followed by hooking a decent bass on a unnamed crank bait from a unnamed lure company (I like this crank and hope to have some real info later). The action was not fast and furious, but the fish were biting. Dan got crappie on tubes and Lake Fork Baby Shads and I managed another bass on a lipless crank and a crappie on the Thunder. However, with the cold air and water in the high 40s most of our catches came on minnows and crawlers. But why write about it if I can show you:

It was a good time for us and with the weather looking normal this year and here are a few shot from that day.

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Until next time…….